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At West Shore Eye Care, our focus is you!

With over 38 years of eye care experience, Dr. Branning and her passionate eye care team are ready to support your sight. Through our commitment to learning and understanding modern eye care technology and approaches, our team can bring you and your family clear, comfortable, healthy vision.

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State of the Art Personalized Dry Eye Care

Struggling with irritated, watery eyes? You’re in luck! We can help.

Dry eye is one of the most common eye concerns patients experience. Unfortunately, finding a doctor with expertise in dry eye diagnosis and treatment can be very difficult. Luckily, you can visit our comprehensive dry eye center to find the relief you need and get back to enjoying clear, comfortable vision.

At Dry Eye Center of West Michigan, we’re your dry eye team, and we’re ready to support your sight and eye comfort today.

What Is Dry Eye?

Why Choose Us?

Dry Eye Center

Relieve your eyes from irritation, wateriness, and discomfort today.

Myopia Control

Preserve your child’s sight against one of the most common vision errors in the world.

Modern Technology

Our technological approach helps us see more of your eyes and their needs.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

There’s more to eye care than meets the eye. Learn more about your sight today.

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