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State of the Art Personalized Dry Eye Care

Struggling with irritated, watery eyes? You’re in luck! We can help.

Dry eye is one of the most common eye concerns patients experience. Unfortunately, finding a doctor with expertise in dry eye diagnosis and treatment can be very difficult. Luckily, you can visit our comprehensive dry eye center to find the relief you need and get back to enjoying clear, comfortable vision.

At Dry Eye Center of West Michigan, we’re your dry eye team, and we’re ready to support your sight and eye comfort today.

What Is Dry Eye?


I was having issues seeing clearly. My eyes were itchy and sometimes crusty and bloodshot. I was seen by Branning and diagnosed with dry eyes. I was able to get Lip A Flo treatments, followed by OptiLight treatments. The difference was noticed immediately. Clear vision, not itchy and crusty, and the whites of my eyes are a brighter white. I am so thankful for the improvements I have experienced and the follow-up appointments. Thank you so much for my clear vision and the high-tech equipment and knowledge of all staff.

Dr. Branning changed my life. Before seeing her, I spent 18 months feeling miserable with dry, red, burning eyes. I couldn’t go outside in the spring or summer because my eyes were so sensitive. I felt scared too. I had seen many ophthalmologists. No one understood why I was miserable and unresponsive to medications. 

When I saw Dr. Branning, she told me why and what was wrong with my eyes. She performed a comprehensive diagnostic workup. She went so far as to imagine my meibomian glands and measure ocular inflammation! 

Dr. Branning offered me a range of treatment options, including regenerative therapies like IPL. My eyes have greatly improved because of Dr. Branning. And I have great peace of mind knowing she is guiding my care. She is a brilliant educator, excellent at what she does, and cares about her patients. I drove over 4 hours to see her. It is worth every minute and cent of gas money!

I have been dealing with a severe dry eye condition for more than 20 years. During that time, I have undergone three eye surgeries and been seen by seven eye doctors for treatments. My eyes are usually red, swollen, burning, and blurry, with acuity ranging from 20/20 to 20/200. I would use 1-2 bottles of serum eye drops per day as well as other medications. 

I was referred to Dr. Branning for Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. At my first visit, Dr. Branning said that I had one of the worst cases of dry eyes that she had seen in more than 30 years. At that stage, they were too bad to start the treatment. In the two months before I could receive the IPL treatment, she was able to get my eyes to improve significantly. After receiving my first two IPL treatments, I have no red eyes, no swelling, no burning, and clear vision. Now I only use one bottle of serum eye drops every 3-4 days and only at night. What an improvement! Dr. Branning has been a “miracle worker” for me!

I recently completed IPL treatment for dry eye with Dr. Branning and Dr. Goodwin. I am SOOOOOO happy with my results!! I hesitated at first to schedule as I didn’t think my symptoms were “that bad”, but boy was I wrong! I noticed results after the first treatment! I now understand why people come from all over Michigan for this state-of-the-art treatment! Their knowledge and expertise were over the top! As a side note, this also improved my complexion! My skin tone looks amazing, and I’ve even lost some “age spots”! Thank you, Drs. Branning and Goodwin!

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